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Sponsorship, Raffle Tickets and Donations

Spirit and Splendor Sponsorships
Package Name Amount Quantity Subtotal

Event Sponsor (10 included) $0.00

Signature Sponsor (8 included) $0.00

Platinum Sponsor (8 included) $0.00

Gold Sponsor (6 included) $0.00

Silver Sponsor (4 included) $0.00

Bronze Sponsor (2 included) $0.00
Vacation Raffle Tickets
Package Name Amount Quantity Subtotal

Vacation Raffle (Single Ticket) $0.00

Vacation Raffle (Two Tickets) $0.00

I would like to make a donation

I authorize Jennings to use the credit card entered on the submission page at event Spirit and Splendor 2024. Once the transaction has completed successfully, a confirmation receipt will be sent to the email address entered.


If you would prefer not to use a credit card, checks can be mailed to the Development Office at 10204 Granger Rd, Garfield Heights, OH 44125.

Please be sure to include a note stating your name and the purpose for the check. For example, "1 Raffle Ticket", "Gold Sponsor", "Donation", or even "4 Raffle Tickets, a Bronze Sponsorship, and a $50 Donation!”.  

Please also include a phone number, email, and an address so we can reach you. All checks will be sent a letter confirming they have been received.


Vacation Raffle Tickets

When you purchase vacation raffle tickets, the physical tickets will be mailed to you. However, we are also keeping record of who each ticket belongs to, so the winner will still be able to claim their prize even if the paper ticket is misplaced.